What a success!

We had 157 attendees at October 3’s Teaching at Teaching-Intensive Institutions event in Marlboro. I have everyone’s email address,and I’ll send you all any electronic resources the presenters shared with me.  I’ll also see about posting them here, so those of you who couldn’t attend are able to get access.

We are meeting soon, at Bridgewater State, to start our pursuit of grant money that will allow us both to repeat this event and hold variations on it and also to structure a formal Certificate in Teaching at Teaching Institutions that doctoral students, postdocs, and adjuncts can pursue.

Please stay in touch.


One thought on “What a success!

  1. Thank you so much for everything for the past year I have felt distant and alone-but what a blessing this conference .I have been so very remiss in sending you a thank you but my heart was filled to overflowing. I met so many new friends a great many from UMASS and it took coming to your conference to find others in my same program. I would love to hear about any and all new programs. The day was a life-line to me as I was just about to give up on going forward in my program but I was so inspired by others on their journey, this filled my heart with hope.


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