Getting the big picture about Massachusetts public higher ed

The Mass Department of Higher Ed released a report in the fall about the state of higher ed achievement in the Commonwealth, where the gaps are, and why we need to work to close them.

Degrees of Urgency points out that if we were able to enroll and graduate students from underrepresented groups in Massachusetts at the same rate as majority students, we would easily reach college attainment goals for the state and be better prepared to fill the empty jobs in the Commonwealth.

As you work to prepare yourself for a career at a teaching-intensive institution, pay special attention to opportunities to increase your cultural competence–develop the skills to reach ALL students in your classroom and to make all feel empowered to learn (remember the workshop at the Oct. 3 event, by Sabrina Gentlewarrior and Joyce Rain Anderson). Take opportunities to work with Admissions to help do outreach to underserved communities. You’ll be helping yourself by acquiring a better knowledge of your institution and your region, you’ll add some professional skills to your CV, and you’ll help to make a difference for the institution, potential students, and the state.

Take a look at Degrees of Urgency to get a sense of the higher education needs in Massachusetts and what’s being done about them. Getting the big picture always helps.


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