Preparing Yourself to Teach English at a Two-Year College

Will your scholarship still matter at a teaching-intensive university? Absolutely, says Howard Tinberg of Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts. On-going scholarship is as important as student-centered pedagogy as the following documents from the Two-Year College English Association suggest:

  1. Research and Scholarship at the Two-Year College: Community college faculty need to be both exemplary teachers and knowledgeable scholars. This report provides guidance as to how to achieve the balance between teaching and research in English at a teaching-intensive institution.
  2. Characteristics of the Highly Effective Two-Year College English Instructor: This document offers guidelines for individual faculty, faculty groups, administrators, boards of trustees, accrediting agencies or anyone who may screen, hire, assess, or evaluate two-year college English faculty. Anyone considering teaching at two-year colleges will find the document’s description of  the unique strengths of  highly effective two-year college English instructors to be useful as well.
  3. Guidelines for the Academic Preparation of English Faculty at Two-Year Colleges: What coursework might help you land a position in English at a two-year college? Think courses in writing instruction and diversity for starters. Graduate students who want some direction in deciding appropriate courses to prepare them for two-year schools will find helpful advice here. So will administrators who hire teachers and university faculty engaged in training future teachers.

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