You should be stealing your teaching ideas

Very rarely will you invent a brilliant idea for your teaching.  Most of your best teaching techniques will be filched from other excellent teachers.  Then you’ll make them your own.

To get some good ideas for teaching at teaching-intensive institutions, go to the people who do that well already, and steal their ideas.  The place to start is with the websites for their Centers for Teaching and Learning.  most of them have ’em.  Kisha Tracy, who wrote the Prezi to which we linked on October 5, runs the Center at Fitchburg State, and you should keep up with her, at that site.

At my own institutions, Roben Torosyan offers the latest teaching resources at the Office for Teaching and Learning.

Leo Hwang, the Dean of Humanities at Greenfield Community College, was on the Who are our Students panel at the Teaching at Teaching-Intensive Institutions event in September–remember him?  Here is a link to GCC’s professional development page for its faculty–you can mine sites like this for lots of great teaching and course design ideas.

The Lash Center for Teaching and Learning, at Bristol Community College, has a nice blog that offers lots of links to useful resources, including films and assignments and other material in a comprehensive Civic Learning Repository.  Civic Learning is one of those things you should learn about, if it’s an unfamiliar term.  It’s important in public higher ed, especially at teaching-intensive institutions.

So go out and look for teaching and learning resources at the kinds of institutions you’d like to make your professional home.  And start making use of what you find there.


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