Get the job

Nicole Matos,posted some great advice on acing a job interview with a community college, over at the Chronicle Vitae site.


Here’s a sampling of the tips from that @ChronicleVitae column from @Nicole_Matos2


Place community and collaboration at the center of the conversation. The “community” in community college is anything but incidental. More than any other type of campus, these are hyper-local spaces, drawing the majority of their students from the immediate vicinity.

If you are interviewing in a region at all unfamiliar to you, do some research. Most community college websites offer a wealth of information, and a really savvy candidate will look beyond simple raw statistics (“I read that black students account for 35 percent of your enrollment”) to discuss specific trends and themes (“I saw from your student-services page that you have a number of programs geared toward Somali refugees; I recently read an interesting article about outreach to that population”).


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