What, summers off?

@DeanDad writes in today’s column in Inside Higher Ed that the doctoral students he talked to at Princeton last week were amazed at the idea that community colleges didn’t have publication requirements.  Amazed and pleased, it turns out.  (They were also thrilled to hear that community colleges have so many women leaders.)

Regional public institutions like mine do expect you to be active in research or creative activity, but my institution doesn’t have quotas for refereed journal articles or books.  We just expect you to stay active in your field–mostly because it makes you a better teacher.  So while summers for community college faculty might include vacations and extra teaching, summers at a regional comprehensive also include research.  Most of our institutions offer support for travel to conferences or archives, and many of our faculty members undertake research projects with undergraduates.  We generally have active research labs for the science faculty–that’s not the case at community colleges.

Learn about the differences between the teaching-intensive sectors and the careers you can have in them, and ask your graduate program to help you to find out more.  Figure out your priorities.


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