Culturally Inclusive Pedagogy

Here are some resources about making our teaching practice more welcoming for students from all kinds of backgrounds.  When we eliminate barriers for some students, we make learning more accessible for students from lots of other groups as well.


Just as curb cuts on sidewalks, meant for wheelchair users, make life easier for people pushing strollers or carts of groceries, pedagogical practices aimed at students with certain kinds of documented disabilities might make life easier for students whose disabilities have not been documented, or students who might not have even thought to request accommodations.


Likewise, being aware of the impact of your cultural references in a class can help you make all students feel more included.  We can be careful about balancing gendered references in class, can sprinkle lots of different kinds of examples through our teaching, from different countries and different economic situations, can avoid assuming “normal” home situations for students.  The resources attached here, from Cornell’s Center for Teaching Excellence and from a faculty learning community at Bridgewater State University, offer lots of great suggestions.


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