Career services and you

NPR just ran a story on Career Services offices on campus and how valuable they can be. Check it out. The students at teaching-intensive institutions are especially interested in maximizing their chances of getting a good job after graduation–perhaps even more interested than most students at more elite institutions.
That doesn’t mean that faculty should simply delegate to Career Services theresponsibility for helping students think about careers.  We who work with students at teaching-intensive schools can’t afford to focus entirely on our teaching specializations. We should also be helping our students to understand the value and utility of everything they’re learning in our classes–content area knowledge as well as skills and values and perspectives.
At teaching-intensive colleges and universities, we need to help our students learn to articulate the full range of what higher education gives them. Don’t let them leave your class without being able to name all the ways it has enriched them. Name the skills on which they’ve worked as well as the subject area knowledge they’ve mastered. When they apply for jobs, they’ll be ahead of applicants who can’t talk concretely about what they know or can do.


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