Combining Teaching and Research


In 2009, Quentin Vicens and Philip E. Bourne offered timeless advice to those of us at four-year institutions where we do both teaching and research.  Unlike community colleges, regional comprehensive institutions and small private colleges with four-four teaching loads expect that our faculty will have active research agendas that mesh well with their teaching responsibilities.  It can be difficult to learn to balance the workload, but it’s really rewarding to find ways to make your research feed your teaching and your teaching feed your research.  Vicens and Bourne come at the question from the sciences, but their tips can help faculty members in any field.


Take a look at their article and think about how it might be translatable for you.  Here are their Ten Simple Rules to Combine Teaching and Research:


Rule 1: Strictly Budget Your Time for Teaching and for Doing Research

Rule 2: Set Specific Teaching and Research Goals

Rule 3: “Don’t Reinvent the Wheel”

Rule 4: Don’t Try To Explain Everything

Rule 5: “Be Shameless in Bringing Your Research Interests into Your Teaching”

Rule 6: Get the Most in Career Advancement from Bringing Your Research into Your Teaching

Rule 7: Compromise, Compromise, Compromise

Rule 8: Balance Administrative Duties with Your Teaching and Research Workload

Rule 9: Start Teaching Early in Your Career

Rule 10: Budget Time for Yourself, Too


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