Teaching at Teaching-Intensive Institutions will Return IRL

We’re excited to announce that the fourth annual Teaching at Teaching-Intensive Institutions workshop will be happening on October 6, 2017, at Westfield State University, in Westfield, Massachusetts.  We’ll start at 9:30 am and finish at 3.  Food is included, and the entire event is funded by Bridgewater State, Westfield State, and doctoral institutions in New England (will post the full list of sponsors soon–but it already includes URI, UMass Amherst, Boston College, and UNH).

This event, aimed at doctoral students, postdocs, and adjuncts in the New England area,  features presentations on what it’s like to make a career at a college or university where teaching undergraduates is the primary focus.  It includes sessions on balancing teaching and research, student demographics, how to start an undergraduate research program, what community college students need, and many other topics.

And bring your CV and a sample cover letter for the chance to meet one-on-one with folks who have been on search committees at regional pubic institutions and community colleges.  a link for signups for the job counseling, as well as a link for registration for this FREE event, will be posted late in the summer.  In the meantime, mark your calendar and tell your friends.

Keep checking this site for handy tips and links.



Massachusetts Commissioner of Higher Education Carlos Santiago at last year’s TTII, which drew more than 200 attendees, at UMass Boston.


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