Save the Date

Friday, October 6


Learn all about what it’s like to make a career at a teaching-intensive institution, where the focus is on students.

  • How can I convince a hiring committee that teaching is more important to me than publishing?
  • Is it possible to do research and teach four courses per semester?
  • What are community college students expecting of their professors?
  • Help–my advisor thinks I should focus on research, not teaching. But I care more about teaching!

You can find out ll about how to do research with your undergraduates, what teaching/learning centers can do for you, and much more, at Westfield State University, on October 6, from 9 until 3.  WSU is generously hosting this year’s Teaching at Teaching-Intensive Institutions free all-day workshop, for graduate students and recent PhDs from all over New England.

The registration link will be posted on this blog soon, so keep an eye out.  The contact person is Shana Passonno, at UMass,

Sponsorship funds this year so far have come from UMass Amherst and UMass Boston, the University of Rhode Island, Brown University, the University of New Hampshire, and Boston College.





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